Dr. Little - I was your patient, admitted through the emergency room at Winchester Hospital. Your attentiveness, understanding and willingness to explain my kidney stone problem was terrific. It certainly relieved all my concerns.

Dr. Tiffany - Thank you so much for taking great care of my son. Words can never express our gratitude enough. However, we will always remember your caring, great skill and compassion that saved our son!

Dr. Dyer - I would like to thank you for all the care you have given me over the last 2 years. It has been a very rough time for me and I realize how lucky I am to have such great doctors! I am extremely grateful for your expertise and care. I feel like the worst is behind me and I am looking forward to a Healthy New Year. I continue to get better each day.

Dr. Dyer - Thanks to you I have been able to play tennis, swim and ski. Thank you so much, I can not even begin to tell you how much my quality of life has improved!!!

Dr. Tiffany - Just a short note to say a big "thank you" for my new "bladder." Sorry, I caused you so much work in the O.R., but I want you to know how great I feel and how happy I am. You are a credit and an asset to your profession and I am very proud that you are my Doctor and my friend. Thank you again for being there for me.

Dr. Little - Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. It is a pleasure to have such a caring, down-to-earth doctor who also has a great bedside manner and explains things so that we can understand - which I have not often found in the medical profession.

Dr. Tiffany - Receiving a prostate cancer diagnosis is like hitting a brick wall. You are overwhelmed by the news and you need help to make treatment decisions. A medical oncologist walked me through the different treatments and suggested surgery as my best option. Remembering stories about pain, long recovery and side effects of open prostatectomy surgery, I questioned the oncologist who said he was recommending something newer: robot assisted prostatectomy ... a type of surgery that is much easier on the patient. I discussed the oncologist's recommendation with Dr. Peter Tiffany, a leading robotic surgeon in the greater Boston area. I felt comfortable talking with Dr. Tiffany. I felt that he cared about his patients and he understood my fears and concerns. My surgery took place at Winchester Hospital on a Thursday morning and I was back home before noon on Friday. Nurses at the hospital told me that I could not have been in better hands then Dr. Peter Tiffany's and that his excellent 'bedside manner' is unusual for a surgeon. I really did not have what I would term as pain, rather I had some discomfort easily managed by acetaminophen. Dr. Tiffany's office staff guided me from the booking of the procedure through post op care; I was always treated with care and respect. My return to normal life was faster and easier than I expected. Talking to the oncologist and placing me in Dr. Tiffany's care for robot assisted prostatectomy was one of the wisest things I have done in my lifetime.

Dr. Tiffany- Infertility can be a long and arduous process that robs couples of their hopes and dreams of becoming parents. Paul and I are very fortunate to have a doctor like yourself that took the time to explain all that was involved with my husband's issue and assist us with obtaining a pregnancy. I gave birth to boy/girl twins on Valentine's Day. Thank you so much!

Kimberly Farina - Dear MVUA doctors - I am so impressed with Kim Farina! I have spent some time with MVUA and have seen three of your doctors, but have been helped immensely by Kim Farina. She has spent time with me, giving me much information. She has been available, thorough, and understanding. She is a tribute to Mystic Valley Urology. I hope that she is as appreciated by your team as she is appreciated by me.